Ducar 212cc Clone O.H.V. Engine


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Engine NO LONGER INCLUDES the incentive items from the original introduction of the engine. The KMPE118 Throttle Kit and ARCDJ-1410 Chain Guard are available separately.

The Ducar 212 is NOT intended to replace the 196cc GX200 engine. The 212 engine is simply intended to be an alternative package, for the Predator classes with the same quality and consistency as the Ducar 196 engine. The Ducar 212 will come standard with the trusted PVL flywheel so safety will never be compromised. Eventually, a complete line of OEM replacement parts will be available so that the engine can be rebuilt instead of needing to be completely replaced.

FEATURES INCLUDE: 212cc displacement Hemi Engine, PVL Flywheel Installed, Close Exacting Tolerances, Ready To Run Out Of The Box.

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Weight 775 oz
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 12 in


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