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Model/Type: 124335 810W Original Version (Includes ELECTRIC STARTER and CLUTCH)
-Displacement: 12.48 Cu. in — 200 cc
-Slant, 30 degree Overhead Valve Design
-Dual ball bearing Cylinder
-Dura-Boretm Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve
-Bore: 2.6875/2.6885 in.
-Stroke: 2.2 in.
-Compression Ratio: 9.7 to 1
-Factory Timing: 28 degrees BTDC
-Recommended Oil capacity: 20 ounces

-Dual ball bearing block
-Specially cam ground, barrel-faced,
moly coated domed piston
-Chrome-faced top ring
-Dual valve springs
-3-piece automotive-style keepers
-Dished valves
-Nitrided exhaust valve
-Cast aluminum manifold with rubber mounting flange
-Racing designed combustion chamber
-air filter
-D-shape intake port
-sprocket set (16-17 tooth)
-Billet aluminum rod
-Walbro� round slide carburetor

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